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When you think of Wanhua, Longshan Temple, always filled with worshipers, and the hustle and bustle of Ximending with its constant flow of tourists, often spring to mind. However, if you walk toward the intersection of Zhonghua Rd. Sec. 1 and Changsha St. Sec. 2, you will discover a square so serene that it almost feels like an otherworldly paradise. Its lush grass, its neat, quaint brick walkways, and its time-honored Japanese architecture will make you begin to wonder whether you are in Japan. It’s known as Nishi Honggan-ji Temple Square.
An online search for “Nishi Honggan-ji” will tell you that Taipei is not the only city with a Nishi Honggan-ji Temple. There is another one in Kyoto, Japan. In fact, the temple near Ximending was a branch temple established in Taiwan by the Nishi Honggan-ji in Kyoto.
The renovation of the Nishi Honggan-ji was completed in July, 2013, and it was opened to the public. In March, 2014, the Taipei City Archives along with its collections moved in. The square, then, is more than just a wonderful, comfortable place to relax: it also holds a treasure trove of Taipei’s history.
Photo: Ethan Zhan, Taipei Times
The Taipei City Archives designated the Nishi Hongganji’s Shuxin Hall a place to hold exhibitions. It will also have permanent exhibitions and an archive room, introducing the public to how Taipei has evolved and developed through its rich collections and documents.
Source: Liu Tzu-li, Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government, originally in the Taipei Pictorial, 557 edition.
(Translated by Ethan Zhan, Taipei Times)
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