Fake money used as movie props found circulating in North Georgia – WALB

by FoxLive.News

CEDARTOWN, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – Police are sending out a warning after fake money was found circulating in a North Georgia town.
The Cedartown Police Department says false articles of currency have been circulated within their community. They are marketed as training money for motion picture use or motion picture props. The general appearance of these articles is convincing, and some have been successfully passed.
Police say not all people attempting to pass these fake bills are doing so knowingly and could likely have received the fake currency believing it was a legitimate transaction. However, knowingly attempting to pass these types of bills could constitute a criminal act of Forgery.
Cedartown PD is asking that consumers, citizens, and retailers be vigilant when dealing with cash during transactions.
Public Service Announcement Please be aware that false articles of currency have been circulated within our community. …
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